Not enough chili until you've tried this too!

White Turkey Chili. 'Nuff said.

Just go make it

and eat it


Why are you still here? Get!

It is that good! There were no leftovers for me to bring to work. THAT good.

Plus it has hominy - which I had never tried before. I'm now a fan. Think corn tortilla flavor with a potato texture in a nugget that looks like a FAT white corn kernel.

So again, White Turkey Chili. 'Nuff said.

A long long time ago, or just last week...

You may remember when I posted a bunch of pictures that I was going to update with the recipes? Yeah, that hasn't happened. What has happened is that I have found all of the recipes that are not-so-greatly pictured below from an awesome must-drink-more-prosecco dinner party in Jan 2011:

Here is the link for the Greek Stewed String Beans... if you were lucky enough to have Indian feast leftovers a few weeks back, then the String Beans were included. They will be making an appearance at a potluck this week too!

Also on that plate is the Orzo Salad from Food Network's Giadia DeLaurentiis

And lastly, the Chicken with Salsa Verde, which is more pesto than salsa, but try it yourself. You will want to cover everything in that sauce :-)


Lesa Vaughn's Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Yum! Lesa was generous enough to share her chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake recipe. Katie made the frosting for one of her boy's birthdays, they were so impressed :-)