Refrigerator Pickles

Today I made refrigerator pickles following a recipe from Group Recipes
I used a combination of dried dill seeds and fronds, garlic, small bulb onions, pepper and a picking mix from STL. I put a tsp of salt in each pint jar and used the sugar/vinegar solution ratio  from the recipe. I think they will still be pretty sweet, due to the amount of sugar in the recipe. Time will tell how well they turned out!


Beer Can Chicken

I have made this using 17th Street "Magic Dust" as the rub, but when I made it last, I more or less followed this: Beer Can Grilled Chicken

I doubled the rub recipe for four chickens and I think I added maybe a couple teaspoons of both turmeric and ground coriander (the seed, not cilantro).

The technique shown in the video is very straight-forward and easy...minimal work for spectacular chicken :)