White Pizza

Tortilla pizza with olive oil, spinach, ricotta,
garlic powder, baby bellas, and prosciutto

So Thursday I was left unsupervised during dinner so after walking laps around the grocery store and changing my menu about 15 times I finally decided on an easy white pizza. It was tasty but not perfected yet (see pretty picture).  The spinach ricotta mixture was too thick and not warm enough even though the prosciutto and mushrooms browned a bit and the flour tortilla crust was crisp. 
My 2nd attempt Sunday night I saute diced onion, thinly sliced mushrooms, and olive oil. I threw in the prosciutto as well. I liked the flavor but this time the liquid from the saute greyed the prosciutto but fortunately it still crisped in the oven. Next round, I will wait to top the pizza with the proscuitto. This time after I defrosted the chopped spinach I squeezed out as much liquid as possible and heated it through before adding it to the ricotta. I also used a little more salt, black pepper, and garlic powder in the ricotta mixture. I also brushed the tortilla with olive oil because I was missing the flavor the first round. 


Lemon Squares

I made these Lemon Squares yesterday for my mom's birthday. They were fantastic! So fantastic that I forgot to take a picture! Guess that means that I will have to make them again soon!

::: insert picture here:::