Turkey Veg and Hummus Rollups

Take a burrito sized tortilla shell.
Cover it with a thin layer of hummus, all the way up to the edges.

Next take roasted red bell pepper slices
To make your own roasted bell pepper: put a whole red pepper directly on a gas burner. Let it blacken. Continue rotating until the entire surface is black. Let it cool 2 min. Put in a plastic bag and seal. Let it steam for 3-5min. Scrape off the charred bits and/or run it under water. Then chop and de-seed!
Next take a few handfuls of mixed lettuce greens, shredded carrot, diced parsley, and green onion and add to the pepper.

Grab some sliced turkey and layer it as well.
Make sure ingredients are tightly packed together. Then begin rolling.

Keep rolling tightly.
Chop off the ends.
Divide in quarters, then cut on the diagonals to get 8 pieces.
And serve!