Grilled Veggies with Quinoa

If you don't know much about Quinoa, check it out! Even Wikipedia taught me a lot such as:
Quinoa is not actually a grain because it is not part of the grass family.
This has been around 3-4000 years for human consumption!
Quinoa leaves are also edible, but not commercially available.
Quinoa grains contain essential amino acids and good quantities of calcium, phosphorus, and iron.
Its protein content is very high (14% by mass), yet not as high as most beans and legumes.
Nutritional evaluations of quinoa indicate that it is a source of complete protein.

We used the 4 cups of leftover veggies from our last blog post for veggie quesadillas, tossed with rice cooker quinoa, topped with a little chopped parsley and feta for a delicious and superquick dinner

To make perfect quinoa every time use your rice cooker!
2 1/2 C Quinoa
4 C Water or Broth
Cook 30 minutes in rice cooker
Remember to unplug after cooking, don't keep it on a warm setting.

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