Microwave Carmel Corn

Adapted from my mom’s microwave recipe book back when a microwave wasn’t in everyone’s home!

Make 2 Batches of Popcorn on the stove
(You can use microwave, but the popcorn doesn’t hold up as well)
Pour into clean brown paper bag

Microwave the following for 2 ½ minutes:
1 C Brown sugar
1 stick Butter, not margarine
½ t salt
¼ C light corn syrup
Wisk in ½ t baking soda

Pour mixture over popcorn in paper bag. Shake.
Roll up bag. Microwave 1 ½ minutes. Shake.
Microwave ½ minutes. Shake.
Microwave ½ minutes. Shake.
Break up large chunks. Let it cool.

Its best to make this on a snowy day and let it cool outside. Enjoy!

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