Comfort Foods

So here is my latest eat... comfort food!

This soup recipe uses many processed ingredients, which is atypical for what I usually cook. By adding additional ingredients and extra liquid to this packaged mix it really isn't too bad for you. No additional salt is needed!

I was also craving something cheezy and greasy, its kinda like a monte cristo, without the heart attack, enjoy - I did!

Quick N Hearty Soup
1 Pkg Cream of Wild Rice Mix (Like Bear Creek Brand)
10 cups water or chicken stock
12-15 turkey meatballs (pre-cooked, defrosted in micro or oven)
4 carrots, chopped
15 oz can diced potato, drained
1 C frozen peas

Bring water and carrots to boil. Add packaged soup mix and return to a boil.
Let cook at a medium heat simmer for 12 min., covered to soften rice.
Roughly chop meatballs and toss in. with the potato. Return to a simmer.
Once rice is fully cooked, add peas, let them heat through, but not boil and serve.

Mmmm Sandwich
2 pieces of healthy bread
1/4 C egg white
1 t simple syrup or sugar
light sprinkle of cinnamon
2 slices 2%swiss cheese, ripped into pieces
2-3 oz lean turkey lunch meat

Take egg white, syrup and cinnamon an mix on a plate.
Heat pan medium high with small amount of smart balance.
Lay bread in mixture, turning until all liquid is absorbed.
Put bread in pan. Let cook until browned on 1 side. Flip.
Apply cheese to toasted side. Top with turkey.
Once 2nd side is browned, flip bread together. Yum.

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