Soup Kick!

Big Fat Leaf Soup
Katie - "Bock choy smells like the big flat leaves in Grandma's back yard"

8 C chicken broth
1/2 a bag of shrimp & pork wontons
1 stalk bock choy, cut into strips, stalk and green included
3 carrots, cut into matchsticks
5 green onions

Bring stock to a boil
Add wontons and carrot
Let cook 5 minutes.
Add bock choy and green onion.
Let cook 5 minutes. Serve.

Asian Chicken Salad

1 C Diced Chicken
4 C Shredded Greens (Lettuce or Cabbage)
1 Carrot, Shredded
3 Green Onions, diced
2T Slivered Almonds
1 t Sesame Oil
1/2 T Canola Oil
1 ½ T Rice Vinegar
1/2 T Sugar
1/4 t Salt

Toss salad ingredients together in a bowl. Mix dressing ingredients together.
Pour over salad just before serving.

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